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Yes, You Can Have a Tidy, Gorgeous, Organized Home

Updated: May 2, 2023

Written by Sharon Wagner

Having a neat, well-organized home is a great way to reduce stress and increase productivity, while also providing you with the space you need to relax and refresh. With a little work, any home can be transformed into a high-functioning, visually-appealing space. Presented by Organize By Flo, here some helpful tips to make your home look like a million bucks.

Get Organized and Declutter

It’s much easier to put everything in its place when everything has a place. If you don’t have enough storage space, you are more likely to live in clutter than if you have enough places to squirrel items away. One option is to rent a storage unit for items you don’t need but aren’t willing to part with. This is a relatively inexpensive choice; Life Storage puts the average monthly cost to rent a 10-by-5-foot unit from $65.23 to $76.30. But there are also plenty of DIY at-home storage options you can utilize.

● Make sure your closets are functional. If you have to swat clothes aside to find your shoes, that’s a closet that needs better organization. Do-it-yourself closet organizers can help you create more shelves of the right size as needed.

● Add storage space. Kitchens with food and appliances currently spilling onto the table and countertops would benefit from more wall cabinets. You can pick up cabinets for a reasonable cost at a number of big-box retailers including The Home Depot and Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and paint them to match your original ones.

● Look for other opportunities to add storage space. Could you put a short set of drawers under your bed (an under-the-bed storage unit can cost as little as $29.99)? Could you put a basket under your nightstand? Could you get more use out of a cabinet if it had more drawers? Look for places where you can add storage without making the house more crowded.

Once you have enough storage space, it will be easier to declutter. Develop the habit of putting things you don’t use every day into cabinets and drawers. Make organization a part of your daily routine, and remember to follow through with everything — it’s easy to let one thing remain out of place, but that could soon lead to a disorganized room..

Focus on Your Closet (and Your Wardrobe)

If your closet is jam-packed with outfits from 10 years ago or pieces you have worn in several years, it’s time to clean up and clean out your space. Holding on to clothing out of sentimentality or because “you might wear it someday” simply isn’t going to serve you well. And if your home is going to look amazing, shouldn’t you look amazing too?

The Importance of House Plants

You can add to your home’s relaxation properties with strategically-placed houseplants that add warmth and charm to any space. House plants produce oxygen, which is a natural relaxer. Treehugger says you should place peace lilies in your bedroom so that they exude oxygen while you are sleeping. According to, aloe vera, spider plants, bamboo palm, snake plant, rubber trees, and English ivy are the most relaxing plants you can put in your house.

Have Designated Technology Zones

Rather than having technology sprawling all over your house, keep your workstation in a designated area so that you don’t have reminders of work when you are relaxing. Similarly, if you or your kids play video games, The Huffington Post suggests designating a space for that. That way, when you are in that space, you are immersed in the opportunity to have fun. However, keep both the workstation and play station out of bedrooms, which should be designed for relaxing and sleep.

When you are striving to have a tidier and more relaxing home on a regular basis, you need to start with infrastructure. Make sure you have enough storage space, make sure everything has a place, and don’t be afraid of adding lots of houseplants to make your home more relaxing. If everything feels overwhelming and you’re not sure you can handle it yourself, get in touch with Organize By Flo and take advantage of the many great organizational services available they provide.

Sharon, a former bank manager, now spends her time helping seniors reach health and well-being goals. When she’s not helping others, Sharon spends time traveling with her husband, Dean. Sharon Wagner uses her site Senior Friendly to offer advice geared specifically toward seniors to help them make healthier choices and enjoy their golden years.

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