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Residential home organizer serving the greater Vancouver area dedicated to transforming your space into an organized, functional and beautiful Environment.


At OBF We offer a wide range of professional organizing services to help you declutter and organize your living spaces. Our experienced team works with you to customize solutions based on your specific needs and lifestyle. Our comprehensive services include decluttering consultations, space planning, storage solutions, and holistic organization techniques. We are committed to using sustainable and eco-friendly organizing techniques to minimize waste and maximize your space. Our mission is to help you create a functional and beautiful home that reflects your unique style and personality. Contact us today & book your complimentary discovery call to learn more about how our professional organizing services can transform your living spaces into havens of organization and style.

Our Services

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Our expert team specializes in decluttering and simplifying your living spaces with personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs and lifestyle. We offer a variety of organizing services, including closet organization, home office design, pantry makeovers, and much more. With our holistic approach to organization, we work to create a calming and clutter-free environment to help enhance your well-being.

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About Flo

My name is Florena and I'm the owner of Organize by Flo. With over a decade of experience in office and home organization, I have worked with a variety of clients, from busy families to small business owners. I hold a degree in office administration, and my passion for organizing led me to start my own business, where I can help others simplify their lives.
When I'm not organizing, I'm a busy wife and mom of two young children. I know firsthand how challenging it can be to keep a home organized and running smoothly while juggling work and family life. As a Girl Guide leader, I'm also passionate about teaching organization skills and helping young girls develop tools for success.

Organize by Flo is a proud member of Professional Organizers in Canada. "If you want the best service, go professional." 
For further information on POC please visit their website at -

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Organize By Flo is an elite professional organizer in the Delta, BC professional organizers directory on

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