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Maximize Your Outdoor Space

By Florena Davies

Being outdoors, especially this time of year, is a wonderful place to be. It is so nice and warm and sunny and setting up our patios to spend time with our loved ones while enjoying some Vitamin D can be so fun and exciting. Some of us do not have a lot of outdoor space but still want to enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors. Utilizing the space we do have available to its fullest can make a smaller space feel larger.

Here are some of the top ways to maximize your outdoor space.

Outdoor storage bench

There are some fantastic outdoor storage benches that look great and you can also sit on. Add a nice pillow to sit on and voila you have quite a bit of storage for outdoor accessories or kids toys as well as an extra seat for family or friends.

Plant towers or rail planters

If you love your home-grown veggies and herbs or maybe you just enjoy the beauty of flowers, plant towers or patio rail planters are fantastic ways to maximize your growing space. There are some beautiful planters out there of all shapes and sizes for all budgets and styles. I love gardening and have found lots of different styles of planters that suit my style and fit the space we have.

Adaptable furniture

There are some outdoor furniture pieces that can expand and then “shrink” back down. These pieces are super easy to use and so very functional for small spaces. For sure a table that expands will ensure you can have those dinner parties and then fold them back down so you can relax and enjoy your company’s company.


Adding a nice rug and or some bright cheerful throw pillows will for sure Draw people in; but not only will it draw people in it will distract from the fact that it is a small space and make everyone feel welcome and cozy. Patio Lanterns and a string of outdoor lights can add some evening warmth to the space and some light for the late evenings outdoors. Make sure not to over do it but add a few pieces and you will for sure love your new outdoor space and make some fantastic memories.

With the changing times and more condos and apartment buildings going up, smaller outdoor spaces are much more common. It is so important for us to be getting outside and getting our fresh air and Vitamin D. With just a few smaller changes you can really make a difference in your outdoor living and create a space outside that invites you in. Play with some of these ideas and have fun doing it!

Florena Davies is a Professional Organizer and Owner of Organize by Flo. She uses her experience as a wife and mother of 2 to create real life organizational systems and changes for work and home that allow our 2 worlds to co-exist and “Flo" together. Check out her website at and on Instagram @organizebyflo.

Melanie McConnell is a Professional Organizer and the owner of Mello Spaces. She helps busy professionals and parents get the organized home of their dreams. Check out her website and follow her on Instagram: @mellospaces

Marybeth Welty is a Professional Organizer, Interior Designer, and Mindful Living Coach, and is the owner of Sustainable Lifestyle Solutions. She helps her clients create a calm, organized, and sustainable home and the life of their dreams by utilizing refined design principles, organizing best practices, mental wellness strategies, and a holistic lifestyle approach to sustainability. You can connect with her at and on Instagram at @this_sustainable_lifestyle.

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