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Getting Organized for Camping/Outdoor Activities

Written By Florena Davies

Tent Camping season may be coming to a close for some but for those of us live in warmer climates and can still participate in outdoor activities and RV trips year around. Here are some tips for preparing for out excursions.

Write a list. Weather you think you have it all up in your memory or not its best you write it all out. Start at least 2 weeks prior and build your list up. You will guaranteed keep coming up with items you will need for your trip and remember to check it one last time right before you lock you front door to ensure you have everything checked off on the list.

Colour code as much as you can. Weather it be labels or having a specific colour bag and matching colour suitcase for each member of your group colour code everything.

This will help ensure you know when it starts to get dark out and everyone is getting tired that everything ends up with its owner.

Emergency bags are essential. We keep one in our vehicle full of all the essentials. It contains a first aide kit, matches, candle, protein bars, extras set of essential clothes for the family, TP, Flashlight as well as a multi tool. Always keep something like this close to you. This could be a life saver in so many situations at the most unlikely times.

Roll all the items you can to keep them smaller for saving space. There are lots of tutorials online for how to roll your clothing items to keep them super small to save on space in your luggage. This will help minimize the amount of luggage you’re traveling with and the

size of the luggage. You can also find small travel sizes of your essential items or reusable containers to put the contents into at your local dollar store or supermarket. Bringing multi use items can also help minimize the number of items you travel with as well.

If your traveling with activities put them in clear bins so they are easily accessed at your destination spot. Clear bins and labels keep items easy to spot, are water proof in case it rains and are easily stacked so you can keep them organized and out of the way.

Remember, Camping and outdoor activities should be fun and exciting so minimizing the stress prior to your trip is essential to a headache free trip. Getting on the road and realizing you forgot the family’s toothbrushes can create so much added stress and tension so getting organized prior to leaving is essential to a stress free happy vacation.

Florena Davies is a Professional Organizer and Owner of Organize by Flo. She uses her experience as a wife and mother of 2 to create real life organizational systems and changes for work and home that allow our 2 worlds to co-exist and 'Flo" together. Check out her website at and on Instagram @organizebyflo.

Melanie McConnell is a Professional Organizer and the owner of Mello Spaces. She helps busy professionals and parents get the organized home of their dreams. Check out her website and follow her on Instagram: @mellospaces

Marybeth Welty is a Professional Organizer, Interior Designer, and Mindful Living Coach, and is the owner of Sustainable Lifestyle Solutions. She helps her clients create a calm, organized, and sustainable home and the life of their dreams by utilizing refined design principles, organizing best practices, mental wellness strategies, and a holistic lifestyle approach to sustainability. You can connect with her at and on Instagram at @this_sustainable_lifestyle.
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Such great tips, even though I won't be getting away until next spring/summer now that the weather has taken a turn, I will definitely putting these tips into my upcoming planning. 😊

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