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Why Should We Organize?

Written By Melanie McConnell

Let’s go back to the simple question- “why should we organize?” I’ve gotten asked that question many times. Although the answer may be different for different people, I know from working with my clients that one of the biggest reasons for most people is that organizing their space literally changes their lives. Organizing is SO much more than just surface level. The mental change that it brings is super important. It brings me so much joy to hear about how I could help take away so much stress and overwhelm from my clients and how it has changed their lives for the better!

Scientists have studied the effect that clutter can have on mood and self-esteem. Having a

cluttered space often leads to anxiety, stress, and overwhelm. In turn- anxiety, stress, and overwhelm can often lead to other health issues and negative emotions. We don’t want that for you this year or ever!

When you’re in an organized space, your brain doesn’t have to work as hard. It leaves you feeling calm, energized, motivated, and focused. Decluttering can also open the door to taking better care of other aspects of your life (healthy eating, exercising, mental health...etc.). It’s a win-win all around!

My most important encouragement for you is to remember that Progress > Perfection. Celebrate your progress, even if it’s small. Nobody is going to be 100% perfect, 100% of the time. Give yourself grace and keep on being your wonderful self.

Melanie McConnell is a Professional Organizer and the owner of Mello Spaces. She helps busy professionals and parents get the organized home of their dreams. Check out her website and follow her on Instagram: @mellospaces

Florena Davies is a Professional Organizer and Owner of Organize by Flo. She uses her experience as a wife and mother of 2 to create real life organizational systems and changes for work and home that allow our 2 worlds to co-exist and 'Flo" together. Check out her website at and on instagram @organizebyflo.

Marybeth Welty helps women create calm and healthy homes and lives. With over 12 years of experience in organizing, interior design, sustainable building, and mindful living, Marybeth is passionate about improving your mental health, your work, your relationships, and supporting the life of your dreams by starting with where you live, your home. You can book a free meeting with her at and connect with her on Instagram at @this_sustainable_lifestyle.

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