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The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up

By Marie Kondo

Written By Melanie McConnell

Marie Kondo teaches you the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing. Her book takes you on a journey through:

- Why you are disorganized

- How to organize by category

- How to maintain the systems

- How being organized will change your life

Her major focus is to sort by category and not room. She organizes categories by difficulty, organizing clothes first and leaving sentimental items last. Sorting by category means collecting all like items from everywhere in your home and putting them into one area. This allows you to see everything you have in one category. The first category she teaches to organize is clothing. You gather every piece of clothing in the house and be sure to touch each one. When holding the item ask yourself “Does this spark joy?” If it does keep it, if it does not donate it.

I like the idea of organizing by category because it allows you to see the sheer volume of items you own. Once you start collecting them in one place you will be shocked by the amount you have. But, I do think that this method can be overwhelming for a lot of people. Looking at a huge pile of items on the living room floor, that took you hours to collect, and thinking now what? Tackling one drawer at a time might be easier for people who only have ten minutes to spare. Some organizing is better than none!

Marie Kondo is the guru of folding! She file folds clothes instead of laying them flat in drawers.This allows you to easily see every item of clothing you own at a moment’s glance. “The goal is to fold each piece of clothing into a simple, smooth rectangle.” First, fold each lengthwise side of the garment towards the center and fold the sleeves in (to make a rectangle). Next fold the rectangle in half then fold again in halves or thirds. If you haven’t tried file folding you are missing out! Not only does it save you space, it is visually attractive, and allows you to see all your clothes easily.

The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying UpThis book is a must read for anyone looking to start organizing their life.

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