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Upgrade Your Home Office With These Affordable Changes

Written by Sharon Wagner

According to statistics from 2022, work from home is now the norm for 30% of Canadians Americans. This shift made the home office more critical than ever. If you haven't upgraded your workspace since the move, a few affordable changes can increase your comfort and productivity. Organize by Flo lists some below.

Revamp Your Walls

Boring walls create a dull atmosphere. Fortunately, you can easily shake things up — you can spark inspiration by switching up your wall color. If you like patterns, wallpaper is an excellent option. The peel and stick variety offers a wide selection of designs and is relatively forgiving, so you can take the do-it-yourself track even if you're a home décor beginner.

Alternatively, you can paint. Color affects your mindset, so consider shades carefully. The following are popular hues due to their calming, invigorating, or inspiring effects:

• Dark grey

• Sky blue

• Bold yellow

• Warm pink

• Forest green

Add Some Green

Houseplants boost productivity and improve air quality, making them an excellent

investment for any home office. However, some species are better suited for indoor life than

others. If you want a low-maintenance plant, check out the following:

• Spider plant

• Grape ivy

• Prayer plant

• Peace lily

• Chinese evergreen

Light It Up

Lighting plays a critical role in productivity. If possible, let in as much natural light as you can. If you can't work near a window, you can augment with artificial lighting such as LED, halogen, or full-spectrum lighting.

Hang Artwork

If your walls look forlorn and empty, hanging art can fill the space. A few pieces are especially important if you see clients, as artwork creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Of course, the type you choose has a significant impact on productivity. As you look through potential pieces, you should decide on factors including whether you want a theme; if you want to hang art directly on the wall or place it on floating shelves; and whether you prefer bold, creativity-sparking colors or subdued, calming hues.

Support Your Back

Sitting all day puts stress on joints and muscles. Standing desks are a great solution, but they can be expensive. To reduce discomfort, you need an ergonomic chair.

As CBS News points out, ergonomic furniture is specially designed to support the body when sitting. It can reduce disorders – like lower back injuries, muscle strains and carpal tunnel syndrome – associated with long stretches of inactivity.

Organize Your Office Supplies

A well-organized office means you can always find something when you need it, reducing stress and increasing productivity. The effects are also aesthetically pleasing and make a great impression on clients.

Hobby shops and office supply stores offer a wide range of organizational tools and furniture. It's just a matter of finding what works for you:

• Wall-mounted holders

• Stacked trays

• Pegboards

• Standing file holders

Reorganizing is also the perfect opportunity to declutter. Start by taking everything out so you can see what you have. You may be surprised to find duplicates you "lost" and bought a replacement for. Get rid of anything you don't use or that is long past its prime. You'll find you have much more space and a sense of satisfaction when you're done.

If you need help getting your office organized, consider working with the professionals at Organize by Flo to get this important space in good working order.

Document Upgrades

Updating your workspace and home may make it more desirable to buyers if you ever decide to sell. To quantify the increase in value, it’s a good idea to keep receipts for any work completed. Be sure to take before-and-after photos as well.

Upgrading your home office doesn't have to be a big, expensive project. With just a few minor modifications, you can boost productivity and create a workspace you love.

Sharon, a former bank manager, now spends her time helping seniors reach health and well-being goals. When she’s not helping others, Sharon spends time traveling with her husband, Dean. Sharon Wagner uses her site Senior Friendly to offer advice geared specifically toward seniors to help them make healthier choices and enjoy their golden years.

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