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Simple, Inexpensive, Effective

Written by Florena Davies

Sometimes when organizing, we look at some areas and wonder why they still look messy and cluttered. Below we are going to give you a few tips on common areas that try as you might, they still look disorganized and cluttered even though you have decluttered and tidied them up.

I am going to list below some of our favorite's products we use when we organize and why.

Spring loaded drawer dividers are some of our favorites for the kitchen and bedroom.

We like to use the plastic ones (found here) in dresser drawers and the bamboo ones (found here) in the kitchen but they can go wherever suits your way. Separating shorts from pants or long sleeve from short sleeve in dressers and having a divider there can make all the difference when organizing dressers. In the kitchen sometimes all you need Is to separate the spatulas from the whisks or the glass storage containers from the plastic and these dividers are just the products to use.

Your spices can become so messy and ugly so fast. Having consistent spice jars and labelling can keep your spices looking Tidy and pretty for minimal effort. We Recommend these jars as they are simple, durable squares (which is important if you want to lay them in a drawer so they wont roll around) and they come with Labels so you can see what’s in each jar.

Your closet can become so overwhelming and cluttered so fast and we see clients use a

variety of hangers in their closets for many different reasons. Switching your hangers to all the same hangers will get your closet looking tidy in no time. We highly recommend these velvet hangers as they are non slip, slim (to they take up less space) and they swivel so you don’t have to worry about which way you put your clothes on, you can just turn the hanger.

Having cables, chords and power bars sticking out all around your home is such an eye sore. To hide these messy things we love using these cable management boxes. They are great to hide your power bar as well as organize your chargers/ cables sticking out of them. These boxes will greatly change the look of any area that has ugly chords and chargers.

These are just a few pointers and items that are inexpensive, easy to use, have a dramatic and immediate effect. Throughout the next few blogs, we will go through the individual rooms in greater detail with more ideas and items like these that will make your life more organized.

Remember, Consistency is everything when organizing so the more you keep things similar the better your spaces will look.

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